We at Friends of Wumenu Community Farm and The African Arts Centre gratefully acknowledge the Heritage Lottery Funding that made the ‘Glasgow’s African Tales’ oral history project possible. This funding, donated by you, the National Lottery players, and the widespread support and volunteering contributions made by the wonderful people of Glasgow, have resulted in a hugely popular project, many creative outputs, and a fantastic oral history archive that will preserve the African migrant’s proud heritage and ensure that it is passed down through the coming generations.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the following:

Dr Sue Morrison, Oral History Research & Training Consultancy , who provided invaluable project management mentoring and consultancy, oral history training and support, and spent lots of time working with volunteers, respondents, local youth groups and schools to produce the project outputs, including website content, filmed interviews, the wonderful project book and additional artwork and learning materials. She was also on hand to support the project at its various reminiscence and other events in the community.

Our fantastic project co-ordinators, Rachel Kelly and Iris Larkins, who assisted Sue with all of the above and worked with enthusiasm and dedication, for which we are greatly appreciative. In addition, Iris organised the oral history interviews, whilst Rachel did much of the research required for the project outputs. Their commitment was truly inspiring!



Thanks also to:

Rainy Days Productions for their work with young people and volunteers to make the project films.

Chief Amu and Amu’s Cultural Arts for their work with our volunteer storytellers and performance artists.

The African Arts Centre tutors, including Chief Amu, for sharing their wonderful drumming and dancing techniques and supporting wonderful performances.

Donald John MacLean for his brilliant photography work.

The wonderful artists who created original pieces based on the project’s oral testimonies. Some of their work is hung in The African Arts Centre, on the corner of Broomloan Road and Edmiston Drive, Ibrox.

And special thanks to Mark W. Downie, who designed and created this fantastic project website.



Most of all, we are eternally grateful to all those lovely respondents who shared their memories, stories and experiences, thereby helping us to create a unique oral history archive of African cultural traditions.

Thank you, All!


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